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tangled_wishes's Journal

tangled wishes graphics!
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Hi there! I'm Nikki (tangledhope) and I made this community to display all my icons and graphics :) We have a great group of members here, so thank you for joining us! :D

Curious what kinds of icons are here? click here for a list: master tags.


1. Click JOIN obviously :) It's VERY important that you join & not just add to watch, because only members can view the entries!
2. You MUST credit all things taken from this community to either tangled_wishes or tangledhope. Failure to do so will result in a warning, if you don't know how to credit, ask, otherwise you will be removed.
3. Please comment with what you are taking, or just comment to tell me what you think, it's always appreciated!
4. Please NO hotlinking! thank you.


I have the most talented affiliates, so be jealous ;)
icons_inabottle creativerou hexicons trinketwood ddollcreations bailedge_icons goldlighticons chords_remind __supericons dreamyobsession yiddidea_icons actressstillnes lavanille personified_ tandi_awards snap_icons icon_duration

I'm currently looking for some lovely communities to affiliate with :) comment on my members only entry if interested!! I'm not too picky, as long as you are some sort of icon/graphics community :)

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community userinfo coding: thesebullets
my resources: here.